I am blessed, excited, and overwhelmed to be serving as the Executive Pastor at The Door Church. Here’s my story in a nutshell.

Let me take you back to the genesis of my walk with God, and tell you about how my family and I were lead to TDC (and eventually this position).

I was raised in family that did not know, love, or follow God. I quickly fell in love with the world and looked to fulfill all of my sinful desires. Even though I was not following God, He placed an amazing woman in my life. Kim and I met while attending Texas A&M University, and were married a couple of years later. Not long after, I wrecked my life and our marriage. I truly came to understood that I was in desperate need of a savior. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and the Spirit started working in me, my marriage, and ultimately lead to reconciliation with Kim. My wife and I have been married for 23 years and have been blessed with three amazing children; Jack, Luke and Molly.

After attending our previous church for 18 years, Kim and I were called away and started seeking a new church community. I had met Scott Brooks at Starbucks but had no interest in going to a plant church. As we sought God’s will for a new church home, He lead us to visit TDC. Half way through our first visit, Kim and I felt the Spirit calling us to stay at The Door long-term. We immediately got plugged in and started an amazing journey.

Kim and I have served as both Group leaders and volunteers in the student ministry for years. I have also been an elder for about a year. When a need for an Executive Pastor arose, I saw an opportunity to pursue a calling that I had felt for years. I have been working with churches for over 12 years and felt that God had been preparing me for a position like this.



As the Executive Pastor at The Door Church my role first and foremost is to passionately follow God and make sure we are fulfilling Gods calling for TDC. In an attempt to do this I will provide ministry and staff development and oversight, create repeatable and scalable processes, lead our Life Groups ministry, and manage the City on the Hill project. My thought leader, innovator and driver is God…not me. Without Him, I am ill equipped to perform this role. I am prayerfully seeking His will for The Door Church, my family, and myself.

I hope to get to know everyone in our community, and look forward to serving along side this church as we deliver God’s precious message to our community.


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