Serve at The Door

Our serve teams are led by Ministers who are committed to training, equipping, and walking with all who serve. Whether it’s praying for a child in The Little Door, leading our weekend musical worship in Worship Arts, leading small group discussion at The Door Students, or simply being available to make hospital prayer visits, serving is both fulfilling vital to the Jesus-follower’s life. If you’re interested in serving in any capacity at The Door Church, fill out the form below.


Outside The Walls

Because we’re others-focused, we intentionally create opportunities for the people of The Door Church to participate in community service events outside the walls of our church building. These “Outside the Walls” events all have the same purpose: to love people with the love that we have in Christ. Each event is different, and have a variety of volunteer needs ranging from specialized skills to family-friendly. There are many opportunities each month to get involved. If you’re interested in an Outside the Walls event, you can view them in our Upcoming Events.

Upcoming Events

Serve at The Door Church