Jesus’ last command on earth was simple: go. He had shown His love on the cross and gave us a clear next step to take. As followers of Jesus, our mission is to go into the world and make disciples in every nation. At The Door Church, we do this by both equipping our people to live on a mission home and financially and spiritually supporting those in our congregation who are called to long-term missions across the world.

Thomas and Morgan Hussey

Sent out from The Door Church in 2016, the Husseys seek to bring the Gospel to the region of Chiang Mai, Thailand. By partnering with the local church, Thomas and Morgan aim to offer Jesus’ message of restoration.

The Husseys’ mission is to make disciples who make disciples by serving, teaching, and living among the exploited and abused for the glory of God and the joy of all people.

They are continually committed to studying the Thai language and culture in order to effectively minister to Thai people. Through teaching and discipleship, they aim to bring restoration to teenage mothers who became pregnant as a result of commercial exploitation and abuse. Additionally, they partner with the local Thai church, Christian community leaders, and Thai church planters in an effort to reach the 99% unreached nation of Thailand with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Shane and Kathia Dennis

The Dennis family partners with Apartment Life, an organization with a mission to bring the Gospel to the apartment communities in the area. Their mission is to transform lives in apartment communities by making Christ known, and they do this by working with the management staff to host events and visit our neighbors. As a result The Lord has given them opportunities to invest in their neighbors in everyday life, which leads to authentic, connected relationships that point others towards the Gospel. Their aim is to listen to and serve them as Christ would so that they can ultimately, in the context of a personal relationship, share the good news of the Gospel.