Sometimes God speaks to us in a loud audible voice, and other times in a gentle whisper.  When He leads us, it’s often a slow nudge, and other times it’s a full on push. Over the years, I have been able to experience both in my journey to introduce children to Jesus.

Josh, my oldest son, was only eight months old when I felt I needed to add to our family income and get out and meet people in my church. It was then that I decided to teach preschool. Little did I know that God had uniquely gifted me to teach children about his love and saving grace. Thirty years of teaching preschoolers later, nothing gets me more excited than to see young children praying to and worshipping Jesus.

The next big nudge God gave me was when a TV news reporter explained how the police had found a six-year-old boy walking along the freeway with his six-week-old brother looking for his mother because he was hungry. The six-year-old was sent to foster care but the six-week-old was taken back to the hospital because there were no foster homes available at that time for infants.  As a preschool teacher and a mother of three young boys, I knew that I could take care of infants! I called the next day and signed up for the 10 weeks of training that it would take for my husband and I to become a licensed foster home in the state of Texas.  Twenty-four years and almost 100 children later, we have been able to minister to broken and hurting children in our home.

I usually think of myself as a “yes” person, but when God began to break my heart for the children of Africa, I said, “no way!” The whisper turned into a full on push, as God provided the perfect first trip as well as the means to get there. In seven trips to Africa, God has shown me not only the love that He has for ALL children, but that He loves me enough to allow me to be a part of His redemption story!

Whether a hut in Africa or the nicest house in the metroplex; a healthy family, or one that leaves you battered and bruised – the hope that Jesus brings in His death, burial and resurrection is good news for everyone in every situation. As I move into a season of life as The Little Door Director, I hope to be open to every whisper and nudge as that very good news is taught to our children. The best part is that I am part of a community of believers whose desire is for each child to have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Together He will nudge us to bring the little children to Him.

I am incredibly thankful that God has given me a family who joins me on my (sometimes crazy) journeys: Wray, my husband of 35 years; Josh and Mindy, Wes who lives in LA, and Jacob who lives in Coppell. And of course, the most important loves of my life are my grandgirls – Lucy and June! (And the sweet baby that Mindy is expecting soon!) I love that I have a church family that loves us well, and expects us to honor God with our lives!


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